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Self host MediaWiki
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Miraheze has new thing that makes it completely incompatible with my requirements. Time to move it to the phab host. Should have enough capacity to cover MW.

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revi triaged this task as High priority.Dec 27 2020, 07:46
revi created this task.
revi changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Epic".
revi added a subtask: T90: Install MW.
revi edited projects, added Restricted Project; removed Restricted Project.Dec 29 2020, 03:08
revi closed subtask T91: Import old wiki contents as Wontfix.
revi closed subtask T90: Install MW as Resolved.
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설치는 하긴 했는데 (T90) 설정하기 너모귀찮다 나중에 또 꼴받으면 해야지 걍...

revi changed the task status from Resolved to Wontfix.Jan 2 2021, 03:13

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