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Deal with gsuite free account extermination
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Jan 21 2022, 06:26
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If you have the G Suite legacy free edition, you need to upgrade to a paid Google Workspace subscription to keep your services. The G Suite legacy free edition will no longer be available starting May 1, 2022. Starting May 1, Google will seamlessly transition you to Google Workspace, which you can use at no cost until July 1, 2022.


Export to account:

  • email
  • calendar
  • google docs stuff ownership: {T378}
  • (deal with) Sign in with Google data
  • contacts
  • TBD
  • (Retain Google Takeout data in B2)

Bare minimum I need Google Play purchases and SSO data to sustain (or move it over to gmail)


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Jul 1 2022, 00:00

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revi triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.Jan 21 2022, 06:26
revi created this task.

(at)revi You can keep the Google account, you just lose access to Gmail/Drive, IIRC


You may still retain access to additional Google services, such as YouTube and Google Photos.

Mails are going to fastmail. Details TBD.

In T374#5650, @revi wrote:

Ownerships cannot be transferred via consumer docs ( because Google Workplace restrictions ( - for binary files copy them via Transmit, and for Google Docs format file, make a copy of it.

Tracked via {T378}.

Mailbox waiting for MX/DKIM/SPF update. Update MX first then import, I guess? (Need another takeout just with mbox)

Google Takeout (total; 2GB each, total 49 files)


revi created subtask Unknown Object (Maniphest Task).Jan 28 2022, 01:37

Update MX first then import.

Made the switch: {T381}

If a GSuite account remains unpaid Google will convert the account to a "Google Identity". This is a incomplete Google account which does not include Gmail and Calendar (but for some reason includes Google Drive). While many Google services work with Google Identity its usage is inconvenient as one will be requited to be logged in into several account to use free Gmail and former GSuite Google Photos for example. Google identity are known not to work with Google Pay and Google One.

image.png (595×568 px, 46 KB)

image.png (632×588 px, 57 KB)

Leave old data as is? Or migrate? /shrug

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