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Sourcerer shutdown email

Authored by revi on Dec 26 2020, 05:59.
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F561: Sourcerer shutdown
Dec 26 2020, 06:00
F560: Sourcerer shutdown
Dec 26 2020, 05:59
From: <>
Subject: Goodbye, for now.
Three years ago we set out to create an open, independent platform for software engineers to showcase their work by connecting multiple repositories to create a holistic view of the work they have done throughout their careers in a visual and compelling way. We believed that by creating a beautiful experience for our community that showcased their talents, we could have a significant and positive impact when helping engineers find jobs.
Along the way, we built an incredible community of talented software engineers that thrived. We’re incredibly proud of the product that we built, but even more so, we’re proud of the impact that our technology has had on creating meaningful and positive impacts on the individuals in the Sourcerer community.
We’ve made the very difficult decision to shut down Sourcerer and have sold our intellectual property rights and trademarks to another organization. We are not disclosing the acquiring organization at this time, but, have discussed extensively how they may be used in the future and couldn’t be more impressed with how thoughtfully they’ve communicated with us their vision for the future.
Sourcerer profiles will be live until March 31, 2021. We will not be updating the platform, fixing bugs, or accepting new signups effective immediately.
We’re thankful for all of you and we wish you the best in the future. As we look forward to our next projects, we’re confident our paths will cross again.
Sergey, Ryan & The Sourcerer Team

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