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Code of Conduct
Updated 77 Days Ago


This is a Code of Conduct for spaces operated by Revi.

This rule applies to both physical (real life events) and virtual spaces (chat rooms, forum, etc) run, moderated, and/or operated by Revi (hereinafter Revi's Community).

This article is a derivative work of Wikimedia Technical Code of Conduct, therefore it is licensed under CC BY SA 3.0 & GFDL.

Unacceptable behavior

Harassment and other types of inappropriate behavior are unacceptable in all public and private area of Revi's Community.
Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Personal attacks, violence, threats of violence, threats of legal action, or deliberate intimidation.
  • Offensive, derogatory, or discriminatory comments.
  • Gratuitous or off-topic use of sexual language or imagery.
  • Inappropriate or unwanted attention, touching, or physical contact (sexual or otherwise).
  • Inappropriate or unwanted public or private communication, following, or any form of stalking.
  • Unwanted photography or recording.
  • Disclosure of a person's identity or other private information without their consent. Disclosure of some identifying information is not consent to disclose other identifying information.
  • Inappropriate or unwanted publication of private communication. Publishing or reporting private communication or personally identifying information for the purposes of reporting harassment (as explained here) and/or in the case of whistleblowing, is acceptable.
  • Harming the discussion or community with methods such as sustained disruption, interruption, or blocking of community collaboration (i.e. trolling).
  • Discrimination, particularly against marginalized and otherwise underrepresented groups. Targeted outreach to such groups is allowed and encouraged.
  • Using the code of conduct system for purposes other than reporting genuine violations of the code of conduct (e.g., retaliating against a reporter or victim by filing a report claiming their response was harassment).
  • Attempting to circumvent a decision of the Benevolent Dictator for Life (BDFL), e.g. unblocking someone during a period the BDFL banned them.

Report a Problem

People who experience or observe unacceptable behavior are encouraged to follow any of these steps:

  1. Ask the person who is behaving unacceptably to stop. Make them aware of this Code of Conduct.
  2. If you are at an event, report the problem to the event organizers, or a designated contact.
  3. Report the problem directly to the BDFL via '''support -at-'''. You can also send a report to the BDFL if you reported an incident elsewhere but were not satisfied with the response.

Reports can be as short as a notification with a link, but more information will help us understand what is happening. You can include:

  • Your contact information (e.g. DiscordTag), if you want to identify yourself.
  • Your account of the incident:
    • Where and when it happened.
    • A description of the unacceptable behavior.
    • Who was involved and who saw it happen.
    • Whether the incident is ongoing.
  • Any additional information that will help us fully understand the problem, such as previous incidents or special circumstances.
  • Links to public records of the incident, if any.
  • Screenshots showing what exactly happened.

Reports are processed confidentially. BDFL will let you know when your report is acknowledged and/or processed.