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Privacy Policy (English)
Updated 147 Days Ago


You have to give up some privacy, too.

You do not need to sign this. Signature to L2 Privacy Policy is binding signature to the policy.. This is a mere translation of L2 for your convenience.

Use of this service constitutes agreement to the ReviNet Privacy Policy. In addition to the ReviNet Privacy Policy, this Phabricator-specific Privacy Policy is also in effect.

Transfer of personal information

If you use "External Accounts" feature within Phabricator, following providers may provide personal information to us. Users have a right not to use them, and no personal information is transferred if they choose not to use it.

  1. Meta Platforms, Inc. (d/b/a Facebook): Name, Profile image, Email address
  2. GitHub, Inc. : Selected public profile data, public repository information, and gist information
  3. Google, LLC: Public profile data (User name, email address)
  4. Automattic, Inc.: Public profile data (User name, email address)